Welcome to SiRE

We are a boutique real estate platform that aims to unlock hidden values, features core advantages and produces substantial profits by investing in real estate assets through Direct Investment, Property Development and Asset Management.

Our team of specialists has extensive experience throughout 25 years of working with several partners in numerous projects in the region and around Europe, making us capable to support our core strategy and corporate ambitions. We are diversified, seasoned investment partners, yet with a down to earth approach. We apply principles of lean management and adopt clarity in everything that we do. We implement bold strategies, proactively, always with an eye on leveraging opportunities. Our integrity is unquestionable and so are our ethics.

Our specific characteristics include:

  • Specialist know-how, gained through large scale projects, across Europe and beyond

  • We listen carefully, to identify your investment profile and requirements. We will dedicate as much time as required, to get a good grasp of your priorities and your concerns.

At SiRE, we have a clear vision about the future: we want to shape it.